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Russian Priest Calls The World Cup A Homosexual Ignominy

By Natalia on July 11, 2014 in News

A Russian Orthodox поп [priest] has denounced Ку́бок ми́ра [the World Cup] as “гомосексуа́льное позо́рище” [а “homosexual ignominy”]. According to priest Алекса́ндр Шу́мский [Alexander Shumsky], brightly colored footwear promotes “педерасти́ческую ра́дугу” [the “gay rainbow”].

“Wearing ро́зовые [pink] or голубы́е [baby blue] бу́тсы [soccer shoes], (the players) might as well wear же́нские трусы́ [women’s panties] or бюстга́льтер [a bra],” Шу́мский [Shumsky] wrote in his online column. Поп [the priest] was also not crazy about some players’ “немы́слимые причёски” [“unthinkable hairstyles”]!

Алекса́ндр Шу́мский [Alexander Shumsky] has also noted that “са́мая интере́сная игра́” [“the most interesting game”] has been turned into “неприя́тное зре́лище” [“an unplesant spectacle”], where everyone thinks only about how much “бабла́” [“dough”] he will make.

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