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Learn More About Cursive Writing In Russian

By Natalia on September 11, 2014 in Russian Language 101

Watch our video and learn about Russian cursive with us!

Every child in Russia learns how to write in cursive. They complete a lot of practice sheets to perfect their writing. Here is one of the practice sheets:

Practice Sheet

The result that school children strive to achieve looks like this:

Russian Cursive Example

However, when kids grow up, they all develop their own writing styles, and their cursive letters no longer have perfect connecting lines and curves.

Here is what my handwriting looks like today:

My Cursive Sample

As you see, I don’t connect many of my letters, and when I do, I no longer follow the rules I had learned at school.

Because people end up having their own handwriting styles, it is difficult to decipher some adults’ handwriting. Russian medical doctors are notorious for having the worst handwriting.

Doctor's Cursive

Russian cursive was developed during the 18th century on the base of earlier Cyrillic tachygraphy, and re-shaped under the influence of contemporary Latin-based cursives.

Unlike English cursive, however, the Russian cursive system is not considered a “formal” style of writing. In fact, it is standard practice for Russians to write in cursive almost exclusively.

That’s why it is important to learn how to write in cursive in Russian. I hope that you found this lesson on cursive writing in Russian language helpful!

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