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Russian Numbers 11 through 20

By Natalia on March 30, 2015 in Russian Language 101

Today we are going to learn how to count from 11 to 20 in Russian! We will be using our basic building blocks, numbers 1 through 10, to memorize the new ци́фры [numbers]. You will see how easy it is to learn ци́фры [numbers] 11 through 20 now that you know how счита́ть [to count] to 10 по-ру́сски [in Russian]!

First, let’s take a look at the way numbers 11 through 19 are formed in Russian language. As an example, we will examine numbers 11, 12, and 13:

11 – оди́ннадцать
12 – двена́дцать
13 – трина́дцать

There is a pattern: basic number + onto + ten. To use this pattern, you need to know that на is a Russian preposition “on, onto” and дцать is a variant of де́сять, just like teen is a variant of ten. So all you need to do is remember to do simple матема́тику [mathematics] when memorizing Russian ци́фры [numbers] 1 through 19!

Now let’s take a look at the number 20 – два́дцать. Have you noticed that the preposition на [on, onto] is missing? So instead of adding, we are going to be multiplying when memorizing this number:

20 – два́дцать = два + дцать = two of ten or two tens

Now let’s start learning э́ти но́вые ци́фры [these new numbers]! Click on the audio player below, listen, and repeat after me. Ита́к, начнём! [So, let’s begin!]

оди́ннадцать – [ah-DEEN] – 11

двена́дцать – [dvee-NAH-tsih-t’] – 12

трина́дцать – [tree-NAH-tsih-t’] – 13

четы́рнадцать – [chee-TYR-nah-tsih-t’] – 14

пятна́дцать – [peet-NAH-tsih-t’] – 15

шестна́дцать – [shis-NAH-tsih-t’] – 16

семна́дцать – [seem-NAH-tsih-t’] – 17

восемна́дцать – [vah-seem-NAH-tsih-t’] – 18

девятна́дцать – [dee-veet-NAH-tsih-t’] – 19

два́дцать – [DVAH-tsih-t’] – 20

Below are some упражне́ния [exercises] that will help you memorize ру́сские [Russian] ци́фры [numbers] 11 through 20:

Упражне́ние оди́н [Exercise 1]: Try counting things around your house по-ру́сски [in Russian]! The more times you count по-ру́сски [in Russian], the faster you will memorize Russian ци́фры [numbers].

Упражне́ние два [Exercise 2]: Once you feel you have memorized all 20 numbers, try counting them backwards. First count from 10 to 1, then count from 20 to 1! It is harder than it seems!

For more practice, watch our ви́део and count with us по-ру́сски [in Russian] again! The video covers the “teen” numbers 11 through 19.

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