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Names of the Months in Russian

By Natalia on April 2, 2015 in Russian Language 101

Learning назва́ния [names] of the months in Russian language is легко́ [easy]! Since they are based on the Latin names, Russian ме́сяцы [months] are easily recognizable when they are written or pronounced. Basically, say the months по-англи́йски [in English] with a heavy Russian accent, and you are good to go! Шу́тка! [Kidding]! Since the names are very close, it is ва́жно [important] to pay attention to the way ме́сяцы [months] are spelled and pronounced по-ру́сски [in Russian]. Remember that ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] are not capitalized в ру́сском языке́ [in Russian language].

First, let’s learn new vocabulary. Click on the audio player below, listen, and repeat after me. Ита́к, начнём! [So, let’s begin!]

ме́сяц [MYEH-sits] – month
ме́сяцы [MYEH-si-tsy] – months
год [goh-d] – year
го́ды [GOH-dy] and года́ [gah-DAH] – years
ме́сяц го́да [MYEH-sits GOH-dah] – month of the year
ме́сяцы го́да [MYEH-si-tsy GOH-dah] – months of the year

Now let’s learn how to pronounce ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] in Russian! Click on the audio player below, listen, and repeat after me. Ита́к, начнём! [So, let’s begin!]

янва́рь [yin-VAH-r’] – January
февра́ль [feev-RAH-l’] – February
март [mah-r-t] – March
апре́ль [ah-p-RYEH-l’] – April
май [mah-y] – May
ию́нь [ee-YOO-n’] – June
ию́ль [ee-YOO-l’] – July
а́вгуст [ah-f-GOOST] – August
сентя́брь [seen-TYAH-b-r’] – September
октя́брь [ah-k-TYAH-b-r’] – October
ноя́брь [nah-YAH-b-r’] – November
дека́брь [dee-KAH-b-r’] – December

Below are some упражне́ния [exercises] that will help you memorize ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] in Russian language:

Упражне́ние оди́н [Exercise 1]: Try writing or typing ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] по-ру́сски [in Russian] in your calendars. The more times you practice spelling them по-ру́сски [in Russian], the faster you will learn them!

Упражне́ние два [Exercise 2]: Once you feel you have memorized ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] in Russian, try saying them backwards (December, November, October, etc.) по-ру́сски [in Russian]. It is harder than it seems!

For more practice, watch our video and practice ме́сяцы го́да [months of the year] in Russian with us!

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