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Translation Services

At Speak Russian Now we offer a wide range of translation services for your personal and business related needs. Our areas of specialization include:

  • Personal correspondence
  • Business correspondence
  • Documents and certificates
  • Websites and blogs
  • Tourism and travel
  • Literature and journalism
  • Medical records
  • Economics and finance

Natasha provides excellent and convenient written translation services. During the waiting period for our Russian adoptions, Natasha provided invaluable assistance to my family in a professional, prompt and very courteous manner. ~L.S.

No project is too big or too small for us. We deliver top-quality translation that undergoes careful revision of style, terminology, accuracy, and format. Our translation conveys your intent and emotion and preserves your style.

At Speak Russian Now we provide the following translation services:

Premium Translation

This service includes any type of technical documents, business or government websites and blogs, articles, periodicals, brochures, etc., where specialized knowledge and a high level of organization are required.

Standard Translation

This service includes general texts, such as personal correspondence, personal websites and blogs, certificates, personal records and documents, articles, recipes, etc., where specialized knowledge is not required.

Budget Translation

This service is used when you need to have a simple understanding of a foreign text. We ensure that you understand exactly what is being said by providing you with an accurate but unpolished translation.

Interpretation Services

Natasha will do a fantastic job for you at a VERY reasonable rate. The results were accurate and quick. ~Greg H.

At Speak Russian Now we provide Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian interpretation services for your personal and business related needs.

Our goal is to convey every semantic element (tone and register) and every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to target-language recipients.

We will help you deliver your message in the target language clearly, overcome any language barriers, and bridge cultural gaps that often lead to misunderstandings.

We offer the following modes of interpretation:

We deliver interpretation services in multiple modalities:


The interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking.


The interpreter renders the message in the target-language while the source-language speaker speaks.


Telephone interpreting enables the interpreter to deliver interpretation via telephone.


Skype interpreting enables the interpreter to deliver interpretation via Internet or phone.

Localization Services

At Speak Russian Now we provide localization services to help you reach local markets in the Russian-speaking post-Soviet states.

According to the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), localization refers to the adaptation of the product making it linguistically and culturally appropriate for a specific market. It involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to adapt the product correctly.

In addition to strict translation, we work on things like:

  • Adaptation of graphics
  • Adoption of local currencies
  • Use of appropriate colors
  • Use of proper formats for numbers
  • Use of proper formats for addresses
  • Use of proper formats for dates

We offer cultural adaptation and translation of software, video games, websites, brochures, etc.

We aim to avoid conflict with the target culture by recognizing local sensitivities, as our goal is to enter the local market by merging into its needs and desires.

Transcription Services


At Speak Russian Now we provide transcription services of audio and video files. If you have an audio or video project, we will gladly transcribe it for you. We also offer voice-overs and subtitling of the audio and video files.

The audio and video projects we can transcribe include:

  • Television and radio programs and shows
  • Television and radio commercials
  • Films and documentaries
  • Corporate training videos
  • Press briefings
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Interviews
  • Business meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Lectures
  • Dictations
  • Sales presentations
We are committed to providing the best possible transcription services based on the audio you send us.

Editing and Proofreading Services

At Speak Russian Now we provide editing and proofreading services for various document types:

  • Personal correspondence
  • Business correspondence
  • Business proposals
  • Sales and marketing presentations
  • Speeches and toasts
  • Articles and reports
  • Websites and blogs
  • Profiles

My 8 year old son was adopted from Russia. I have used Natasha’s translation services when I need to contact my son’s birth family. The translation was affordable and done promptly. Speak Russian Now is the best! ~Jill P.

We provide the best editing and proofreading services guaranteeing accuracy and prompt delivery.


We check the overall structure and clarity of your document, its content, style, terminology, and citations.


We check your document for grammatical and spelling errors, proper use of punctuation and terminology.