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Russian Numbers 1 through 10

By Natalia on April 6, 2011 in Russian Language 101

Today we are going to learn how счита́ть [to count] to 10 in Russian! Ци́фры [numbers] 1 through 10 are the ABC’s of Russian numbers. Once you memorize the first ten numbers, you’ll easily learn the rest of them. Наприме́р [for example], if you know that 5 is пять and 10 is де́сять in Russian, then it’s easy to see that пятьдеся́т is 50.

Click on the audio player below, listen, and repeat after me. Ита́к, начнём! [So, let’s begin!]


оди́н – [ah-DEEN] – 1

два – [d-vah] – 2

три – [t-ree] – 3

четы́ре – [chee-TY-ree] – 4

пять – [p’-yah-t’] – 5

шесть – [sheh-s-t’] – 6

семь – [s’-yeh-m’] – 7

во́семь – [VOH-s’-yeh-m’] – 8

де́вять – [d’-YEH-veet’] – 9

де́сять – [d’-YEH-seet’] – 10

Below are some упражне́ния [exercises] that will help you memorize русские [Russian] ци́фры [numbers] 1 through 10:

Упражне́ние оди́н [Exercise 1]: Try counting things around your house по-ру́сски [in Russian]! The more times you count по-ру́сски [in Russian], the faster you will memorize Russian ци́фры [numbers].

Упражне́ние два [Exercise 2]: Once you feel you have memorized all 10 numbers, try counting them backwards (from 10 to 1) по-ру́сски [in Russian]. It is harder than it seems!

For more practice, watch our ви́део and count with us again from 1 to 10!

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